Accel FAQ

SFI 38.1 Recertifications

SFI 38.1 Frontal Head Restraint systems must be recertified every five years to comply with the SFI certification. Devices passing the inspection will receive a new SFI 38.1 conformance sticker marked with the inspection date and will remain valid for five years from the date stamp indicated on the SFI 38.1 conformance label. Please see the chart below for potential costs for this service. Contact an Impact representative for more information or to schedule your needed recertification.

Level 1 Service: Inspect and Replace SFI Tag = $25

Level 2 Service: Inspect, Replace SFI Tag, and Replace Tether System = $45-100

Level 3 Service: Inspect, Replace SFI Tag, Replace Shoulder Pads and Tether System = $120-200