Only one woman can be the winningest female racer in the hallowed history of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and that would be Angelle Sampey. Angelle was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and found out at an early age that her passion for racing was quite fierce. By the time the diminutive beauty was six she was already winning on her dirt bike making her decision to be in beauty pageants or races quite difficult. After attending Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, Angelle began her professional career in 1996 and won her first race at just her fourth entry in Reading Pa. Not only did Angelle set the world on fire with her first win, she was also the number one qualifier and reset the National E.T. record. The winning didn’t stop there,… Angelle went on to become the winningest female racer in 2001 when she surpassed Shirley Muldowney. She continues to hold the title with 42 wins under her belt along with three World Championships. Following her final season in 2008, Angelle announced her retirement from the sport of drag racing with the hopes of starting the family that she longed for. After marrying her husband, Seth Drago, her dreams were completed with the birth of their daughter Ava Jane. In 2014, Angelle received a call from a former team requesting her to fill in after their rider suddenly left. Being a mommy now, She was nervous to get back on the bike, but after a weekend of testing, the three time NHRA Champion saw that her competitive fire was burning as bright as it ever was. Angelle took into consideration that her daughter Ava would soon look up to role models as she had done as a young girl and what better role model to have than Mommy? “I want to show my baby girl what is possible when you believe in yourself and chase your dreams. I tell her often that girls can do anything! I know that actions speak louder than words so I am going to prove to her that hard work pays off and dreams do come true!” After her return to racing, Angelle won her first national event as a mom and dedicated her win to little Ava Jane. The “Wally” sits proudly in Ava’s play room under a sign that reads, “Dreams only work if you do!