A Baja racing competitor in the premier SCORE Trophy Truck class, Robbie Pierce is best known for his numerous contributions and advancement of safety in the traditional motorsports and recreational off-road industry. Robbie became CEO of MasterCraft Safety in 1999 and expanded the business with the purchase of Impact Racing Inc in 2010. Through his ownership of Impact Racing and driven by his passion for the sport, Pierce has worked tirelessly to improve the safety for competitors, pit crews, weekend enthusiasts, as well as the men and women serving in in the armed forces in hostile environments. Many safety product innovations in motorsports have been developed, refined and expanded under Robbie’s leadership, from helmets and restraints, to driving suits and gloves. Robbie often used his off-racing career to prove and improve Impact and MasterCraft’s safety products. In 2017, Pierce sold Impact and MasterCraft Safety to the Italian firm Sparco. Less than a year later Robbie announced his acquisition of Jimco Racing, a successful manufacturer of off-road racing vehicles. Jimco’s talented craftsmen have built and developed more than 500 race cars, trucks and UTVs leading to hundreds of victories and championships around the world. In addition to innovating the off-road industry at Jimco Racing, Pierce continues to consult and assist Impact with product development as well as educate competitors and liaison with sanctions on safer racing practices.