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Impact Racing Nitro Kevlar Complete Chute
Nitro Kevlar® Complete Chute
Our Price: $1,200.00

Impact’s Kevlar® Drag Chute features an 8-line crossform design and was specifically developed for use on 200mph+ cars.  Our 12-foot all Kevlar® panel construction offers a 20-percent lighter product and improved abrasion and fire resistance over a comparable nylon chute.  Impact’s Kevlar® Drag Chute also features longer shroud lines for a low and straight deployment with a softer deceleration at launch.  Includes: Outer Black Nomex® Pack, Lanyard, and our Compression Spring Launch Pilot Chute.
Impact Racing Nitro Complete Chute
Nitro Complete Chute
Our Price: $465.00

Impact’s crossform Nylon Nitro chute is designed with the 200+mph cars in mind.  Made to deploy quickly and evenly for a controlled deceleration, our nylon drag chutes are offered in two sizes; 10 foot 4-Line and 12-foot 8-Line configurations, dependent upon the weight and speed of your car.  The science of drag chute design considers flight stability, deployment force, flow-through, attachment points and ease of packing.  Impact considers all of these factors when manufacturing our chutes, providing you with a reliable and durable product you can be confident in using.
Includes: Outer Bag, Lanyard, and Pilot Chute.
Impact Racing Pro Stock Chute
Pro Stock Complete Chute
Our Price: $429.00

Our Nylon Pro-Stock drag chute features a lightweight crossform, 4-point design and is typically used in the 150-200mph cars.  Hand-crafted in the heart of Indy’s Gasoline Alley, Impact’s Pro-Stock drag chute offers reliable performance and stopping power and includes: Outer bag (features a hole for an Air Launcher), Inner bag (for use with Pilot Chute), Lanyard, and Pilot Chute; Can be used with either an Air Launcher or Pilot Chute.
Impact Racing Pro Stock Air Launcher
Pro Stock Chute Air Launcher
Our Price: $329.00

Impact’s exclusive Pro-Stock Air Launcher is designed with a flat launch plate to allow unhindered deployment of chute lines.
Impact Racing Pilot Chute
Pilot Chute
Our Price: $89.00

The life of a spring is directly related to the design and materials used and that is why Impact has chosen Hypercoil as our exclusive supplier of our Pilot Chute springs.  Manufactured from the highest quality, high-tensile steel available, the Hypercoil spring has a proven racing heritage and each coil is designed to be as light as possible while at the same time able to endure the stresses of extreme conditions providing you with reliable deployment performance all season long.
Impact Racing Drag Chute Pack
Drag Chute - Pack Only
Our Price: $79.00

Impact's STANDARD CHUTE PACK is made from heavy duty materials to withstand the pressures and wear-and-tear that it will see day in and day out on the track. Made of either Black Nomex or Aluminized Kevlar, this pack fits all of our standard Pro Stock and Nitro chutes.